Cancellation, Refund & Other Policies

We will do everything in our power to make this a positive and fruitful experience for you. At any point along the way, we want you to feel free to pick up the phone and call us.


We are here for you and will work to make this project a success. We cannot stress our commitment enough!

100% refund prior to submitting our questionnaire
80% refund once work has begun

Why 80%? There is a lot of administration work done to get your profile/resume/coaching queued, reviewed, and scheduled. Even if work wasn’t performed, your order was processed and reviewed by a human being who requires compensation for their time.

If you are dissatisfied with our work, please contact us and we will make it right.
If a refund is provided because you are not happy with our service, you must remove all our writing from your profile.
If you intend to keep any of our work, I will work with you to determine the percentage that you are keeping and that is the percentage that will NOT be refunded to you.

NO REFUNDS AFTER 90 DAYS regardless of reason

Client will NOT be entitled to a refund under any of the following circumstances:

Client has approved our work.
Client has changed scope during OR after the process.
Project has been inactive for more than 30 days.

PROJECT TIMELINE IS 90 days. Project must be completed within this timeframe.

If our pricing changes within the time it takes you to place the order and actually embark upon our process, the service that most closely matches the price you paid will be provided. If you want a different level of service, you must upgrade to the new pricing. There are no downgrades available.

We make no express of implied guarantees of employment or SEO. We will help you look good on LinkedIn but it is up to you to secure a position with a company.

Live Editing of your LinkedIn Profile
You have a choice, you can have us update your LinkedIn profile for you OR you can opt to update it yourself. If you choose to update your profile yourself, we will provide you with a document containing your optimized LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn frowns upon sharing your login information. Regardless, we do believe it is a choice and you decide if you’d like to share your login information with us. If you provide us with your login and password, I HIGHLY recommend changing your LinkedIn password. You can find directions on changing your LinkedIn password here.

By providing us with your LinkedIn login information, you are granting us permission to make changes to your LinkedIn profile. You accept full responsibility for all activity conducted and all edits made to your LinkedIn account and agree to and hereby release / Vision Board Media / / Donna Serdula / Dionne Carrick from any and all liability concerning such activity.

There are times when we are unable to update your profile directly because of location issues. LinkedIn sometimes prevents login attempts from different countries. When this happens, we will provide you your LinkedIn profile in template form.

Appointment Cancellations / No Show
We understand things come up. Cancellations occur. Please try to provide us at least 24-hour notice of your appointment cancellation. You may book one additional appointment, additional cancellation is considered forfeiture of the session.

If an appointment is booked and you do not show up, we allow one additional rebooking to make up for the no-show. A second no-show is considered forfeiture of the session.