“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”

Christian D. Larson

It’s a different world out there but you have what it takes to jump in and make it work for you! The following framework is to help you understand how to brand your LinkedIn profile in the most optimal way that people, jobs, and opportunities, find you!

Ready, set… YOU! It’s your time, right now! Let’s go!

Background Photo Library

Free images to brand your LinkedIn profile

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out!

Images that showcase who you are and what you do.

Profile Picture

Upload a picture to get 21x MORE profile views

Views = Opportunity

Have a friend take a photo of you (with minimal filters), in good light. Aim to look happy, confident, and pleasant! Once you upload your picture, ZOOM IN!

Name Pronunciation & Pronouns

Help people relate to you better!

Make it easy for people by giving them the information they need!

On your LinkedIn mobile app, visit your profile. Click the edit button within the top section of your profile to record your name (and self-introduction because you have a full 10 seconds, have fun!) and select your pronouns.

LinkedIn Headline Maker

Get more views to your profile and MORE OPPORTUNITIES!

An optimized headline in less than 5 minutes!

No matter who you are or what you do, your headline will look fantastic.

Mark Yourself Open

Let recruiters know you are available

Open to Work

Click Open to and fill out the Open to Work section at the top part of your LinkedIn profile. By providing LinkedIn information on the types of work you are interested in, opportunities will flow!

The About Section

This is where you tell your story and convey your brand

About You

This is the section of your profile where you tell your reader who you are, what you do, how you help, what you stand for, and what you are looking to accomplish in your career. Don’t copy and paste your resume! This area should build upon your resume. Make it you! If you are funny, be funny! If you are serious, be serious. Just make sure that it’s authentic.  Attract your tribe.

Your Trajectory

The experience section traces your career movement

The Experience Section

The Experience section is all about where you’ve been but written for where you want to go! It’s not about everything that you’ve done. Write your profile always thinking about your next desired role. What are you doing today that is preparing you for your next position?  If there are tasks that you do today that you don’t want to do tomorrow, don’t spend too much time dwelling on them. Instead, spend time on the tasks and responsibilities that you love. Showcase accomplishments. Get specific and quantifiable. Lastly, you don’t have to talk about everything. Give just enough that a recruiter wants to know more so they request your resume.

Connections + Contact Info

Get found and contacted!

Your network is your net worth...

First, make sure your contact information is in the contact information section of your profile. You can even add it to your About section, too!

Then, start connecting on LinkedIn. Visit the profiles of people you know and click the CONNECT button. Think in terms of friends, family, family friends, neighbors, colleagues (+ bosses) at your internships, professors, etc… Don’t be shy! Start with just three people. Add a note that says something like, “Hey there, I am getting started on LinkedIn and would love to connect with you.”

Make connecting a part of your routine. Make your online network reflect your offline network.

Featured Section & Activity

Showcase your best work while getting active on LinkedIn

Your online presence is relevant!

The Featured section is where you spotlight examples of your work and your online footprint. Link to a youtube video of yourself giving a presentation or articles/posts that you’ve authored. You can also share external media like images, documents, and links to other online profiles.

Don’t forget to get active on LinkedIn. Post, like, and/or share items on your LinkedIn feed. Show the world you are active, engaged, and interested in relevant information to your career. All that activity appears on your LinkedIn profile showcasing your relevance.

Keep Going!

There's so much more to your LinkedIn profile

Volunteer Experiences, Accomplishments, Skills, etc...

There are so many different sections to your LinkedIn profile. As you start off in your career, some of the sections may not be pertinent and it’s okay to skip. But as you move forward, remember to record your accomplishments. When things happen in your career remember to record them for others to see. Keep connecting. Keep giving, adding value, inspiring others, and educating. A strong network and brand mean that you can be that person that never has to look for a job, jobs find you!

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