Free Three Chapters! Position Your LinkedIn Profile for Career Success

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In the latest edition of Donna’s best-selling book, you’ll learn:
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Your LinkedIn profile is your online reputation and your digital introduction to anyone interested in working with you. Make sure it presents you and your accomplishments in the most impressive way.

This how-to guide shows you the steps for building a LinkedIn profile that’s compelling, strategic and uniquely yours. It helps you identify your goal, decide who you want to address, and optimize your presentation to achieve the outcome you seek. You’ll be impressed with the results and so will everyone who checks you out.

Whether your goal is job search, branding, reputation management, or sales, people are Googling you—and your LinkedIn profile is more often than not their first point of contact. With a focus on who you are, the value you deliver, and the culture you cultivate, the profile you’ll create with the help of this guide will make that first connection a positive one—giving you a better chance to see results.