virtual job fairs and events

Taking Advantage of Virtual Job Fairs and Events

Universities always find ways to help their students in any way. In this case, we focus on job fairs, in other cases career fairs, and events similar. Students are always wary about their future and for those who aren’t of course that is great, but for those who are, no fear, we are here to help guide you a little closer to the things available to you.

Many schools offer around 3-4 career fairs year-round. About one or two in the fall, one in the spring, and one in the summer. Now I know what some of you may be thinking, career fairs may be a little scary. Where do you start? Especially now with the state our world is in. Well, before the pandemic, career fairs and events would of course have employers set up with a table, or a tent, maybe a canopy with some pamphlets and some flyers just detailing their company.

You would find things such as what the company stood for, maybe what, and who they were looking for. What the company did, a little history on the company, some fun facts, these sort of things. Nothing too intimidating. Luckily, universities and colleges, even community colleges continue these job fairs after the pandemic, virtually of course. As I said before, nothing before was too intimidating.

virtual job fairs career fairs virtual events

Now with everything being done virtually, it’s just a little easier. Your job fairs are done by appointments. There is no need to go up to tables and tents and question whether this may be the one for you. Online you are able to look up the company through your university or college, which will then tell you a little about the company and what jobs or prospects they are looking to hire, what degrees they are looking for, and then you schedule an appointment for the day of the job fair and it’s all done virtually, including the interview.

Of course, many things have changed, unfortunately, some of these things have been diminishing to many people but there is always a turnaround, and in this case, universities looking out for their students, so they can succeed. Students are always capable of staying on their toes, so this is not to have you lose hope about the future but to help motivate you.

Take for example Handshake, a website focused on helping college students after and during their senior year find a job and is partnered with over 1,000 colleges. Handshake helps find jobs from part-time, full-time, and even paid internships, and not to mention that Handshake holds virtual career fairs and events as well. Handshake also has an app that you’re able to download and have at your fingertips just what employers are looking for people like yourself.

No matter where it is you choose to look, whether it be your university, your local community
college, or a site like Handshake, you’ll be able to come across a fair amount of career
opportunities that may be shared through a virtual job fair or event. Keep the optimism and be
sure to stay up to date with what your university may be holding and check your emails.
Schools tend to send these invitations via email and make it easier for you as a student to stay
on top of that future career you desire.