3 Reason a Student or Young Professional should have a mentor

3 Reasons Mentors Contribute to Students’ Growth and Ambitions

When first starting your career path as a college student it is a little difficult to set your eyes out on what exactly you want to do after graduation. With the help of internships, a mentor, or even a few mentors along the way and narrowing down your options, you will have a decision a lot sooner than you may think. Going into any profession you have plenty of options to choose from whether it be journalism, the military for some people, law enforcement, or the medical field, there are many different routes within these professions.

For many students, their first steps of finding a career begins with an internship, externship, or fellowship alike, and while these are all good starting points it’s good to keep track of the people you come across and work with during these opportunities. In many cases, the people closest to you during these times become your next boss, and in some instances a great mentor as well.

1.) Networking in your Internships

Mentors help students grow and succeedAs many students are becoming well prepared when it comes down to networking and managing your whose who on your career path you should never fail to note that you should always expand your network. Knowing many people in your career of choice is never a bad thing and you can always stumble across someone who will always know a little more that you. Someone who can always teach you something you may not have known before. It is always good to keep an open mind when meeting new people and knowing that you always have room to grow.

The next person you may come across can teach you a lot you may not have known and remaining eager to learn is never an issue when entering a new workplace. When you come across a new person whose work you admire you usually want to learn a lot about how they work and how you can learn from them. It is always good to remember that just like you, they probably learned and admired someone as you are doing to them. So, take notes and ask them about who they learned from as well and maybe they can steer in the direction of their mentor to learn a thing or two from them as well.

2.) Taking Notes on your Mentor

Once you have found someone you admire or someone that you wish to learn more from do not be shy. Always be sure to put your best foot forward when learning new things from your mentor. Most of the time they’ve been where you are now and want nothing more than to help you succeed and even be a better them. In some cases, your mentor could be one of your college professors, you always want to note everything you can and learn everything you can. Reiterating that you are there to learn and become a better you. They know you are more than capable so do not shy away from showing them what you are capable of and that may include being a little zealous when learning something new. You want to learn everything you can from them and apply to your own work.

3.) Mentors helping you with Growth, not just in your work but mentally as well

Students and Mentors In many cases, as a student it becomes stressful at your internship, it may be a little overwhelming to juggle not only your new-found work but what you have going on in your personal life as well. Mentors see this and know this is not something new but rather are there to help you. As I stated before, some mentors turn out to be your professor and in instances like this, professors truly are there to help their students not only in their education and in their career path but in their personal lives as well.

If you have a new internship many may find themselves in a spot such as an apprenticeship where you may be working under a specific individual or you are tasked to work under someone, this is a great time to not only get to know them but get to know yourself a little better as well. Many people find themselves learning a lot more about themselves in instances like this and not just about their careers. There is no need to look at this point as a counseling session or as though you’re searching for such but more that you are growing as a professional and as an individual.

Mentors are always by your side for assistance even after you have left where it is you’re working with them. They have been there to help you grow and learn. They have watched you grow into a great-minded individual who will be proud of their work. Always take into consideration the amount of work you have learned and that you have been taught. You will always use what you have learned at any internship or fellowship, but when it comes to your mentors, many times you hold what you learn from them a little closer to you and use it to the best of your ability.