Three Tips For College Students- Networking in the New Normal

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Times have been difficult for everyone in the past year with 2020 bringing a large disruption in job losses, school, and future internships. Many companies and organizations have had to bring unfortunate news to future prospects but not without having ideas of what the future may hold, and for many of which include optimism.

Companies and organizations have planned to bring in a new slate for 2021 with many remote internship opportunities being offered and much more flexibility for those who apply. Not only are the roles being kept for those not able to relocate during these enduring times but many offer assistance with financial issues as well.

#1 Map Your Opportunities

For many students looking for opportunities such as these, it’s always great to view your networks and map your routes first. Taking into consideration that graduation is around the corner it’s always best to have that exit strategy, with this in mind what companies have been prospects on your mind? What companies would be some that you are willing to go after? Narrowing down your choices is a start.

If you recall our article back in 2018 “Five Ways College Students Can Network Like The Pros” then you’re off to a good start. Piggybacking off of it, you always want to be sure that you are in the right state of mind when not only networking but when searching for your next big ambition.

Prospects keep an eye out for those standing out. Many college students have nearly always felt underwhelmed when searching for a job or incapable. You have to keep in mind you want to show them you have the ambition and regard that their company may not already have. Having a steadfast goal and aim for what it is the company has a feel for is sure to bring a different tone to your future boss. In many cases, college can be a bit of an overload, but it is always good to take advantage of the offers that surround you as well. This brings us to our second point.

networking resume#2 Keep in Touch with Your ‘Now Networks’ and Organizations

With your college years coming to a close be sure to show interest in those organizations you joined that may have more to offer than you think. Even if this means having to pop in on the occasional Zoom meetings that they may hold. It is always beneficial when you have so many advantages at your fingertips. In this case, you can take it literally while idling at the computer waiting for the next internship, fellowship, or job posting.

Job seekers and fellows alike are capable of viewing their vast network and seeing how they can branch out even further. If you are in an organization that has opted for meetings, do not hesitate to take advantage and learn more about what and WHO you may come across.

Never forget that you cannot beat yourself up for things that you have yet to try. Always keep in mind that there is much more you can bring to whatever company or future endeavor it is you have your goals set on. Prospects in cases such as the one described, may view you in different aspects and have the willingness to hire. Network starts somewhere and it’s definitely with your mentality.

#3 Lastly: Update Your Resume, Ask Your Networks for the Latest Workshops, Zoom Meetings, etc. and Stick Out.

Always keep up with your resume. Many prospects might have a keen eye for something on it that you might not be so fond of or just maybe a little skeptical. In any case, many spots on your resume are fitting for the prospect, and that you may not know it.

You always want to be sure you stay in contact with any of your new connections. They need to know you are interested and not just brushing them off. Keeping in contact with, who may be your future peers, can lead to something great especially during times like these. With the social economy being at possibly one of the largest lows as well, you want to be sure you show interest in being on the same page with one another. Although some may not like it, this is definitely where Zoom meetings also come in handy.

Times are difficult, there is no denying it. But there is also no reason to give up and not make an effort for opportunities that are being created daily. Taking advantage of these remote internships, fellowships and jobs may be worth it later, as well for future networking.

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